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Iowa Coffee Company

Iowa Coffee Company has been a small batch coffee roaster since 1991. Since we were founded, there have been many changes in the world. However, the core values that drive the success of Iowa Coffee Company will always remain constant.

We roast to order for the freshest coffee experience. Your coffee will be on its way to you within 24 hours of roasting. For that reason, custom orders are always welcome.

We conduct our business with a “waste not, want not” philosophy. For example, we use biodegradable paper cups with recyclable sleeves and lids, and compost all used coffee grounds for use in our gardens. Taking steps to reduce our environmental footprint now and in the future is important to us.

We hope you enjoy the Iowa Coffee Company experience. Thank you for your loyal support.

Tom Sibbernsen

Tom's Coffee Brewing Tip

When brewing your first pot of Iowa Coffee Company coffee, it is a good rule to make it a bit stronger than you normally would. If too strong, you can always add hot water to dilute it. If too weak, however, there is no way to correct except to start over with a fresh pot.

Know Your Roasting Stages

  1. City Roast: Lightest roast. First crack is done.
  2. City + Roast: First crack finished, moving toward the beginning of the second crack.
  3. Full City Roast: Close to the beginning of the second crack.
  4. Full City + Roast: Middle of the second crack.
  5. Light French Roast: Second crack is done, but no oils out on beans.
  6. French Roast: Oil out on beans and beans are dark brown.
  7. Spanish Roast: Dark, dark beans, roasted by special request only.

Iowa Coffee Company Products


Fresh Roasted Coffees:
Whole Bean or Ground

Tom's Signature Blend Coffees:
Whole Bean or Ground

Colombian Supremo

Ethiopian Yirgacheffe | Roast stage: 1

Ethiopian Yirgacheffe | Roast stage: 5-6

Ethiopian Swiss Water Decaf | Roast stage: 5

Guatemalan Organic | Roast stage: 3

Guatemalan Organic | Roast stage: 5-6

Kona | Roast stage: 3

Mexican Chiapas Fair Trade Organic | Roast stage: 3-4

Peruvian Organic | Roast stage: 3

Peruvian Organic | Roast stage: 5-6

Sumatra Mandheling Organic | Roast stage: 6

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Seattle Roast

Small Planet

Poets Journey Decaf

Continental Blend

Three Bean Dream (Tom’s Breakfast Blend)


EarthKeeper Blend

Tom’s Espresso Blend

Big Wicked

Ten Horses


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Flavored Coffees:
Whole Bean or Ground

Arctic Berry*

Buttered Rum

Caramel Pecan Roll

Chocolate Buttered Rum

Chocolate Hazelnut

Chocolate Raspberry

Christmas Traditions*

Cinnamon Hazelnut Cream

French Vanilla

French Vanilla Chocolate


Highlander Grogg

Holiday Cheer*

Milk Chocolate

Vanilla Cinnamon

Vanilla Nut

White Chocolate

White Chocolate Raspberry

*Seasonal Flavors

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Where will you find our products?

Downtown Des Moines Farmers Market  
South End of 3rd Street (Across from the pupusa vendor)

Outdoor regular season: Saturday mornings 7am - 12 noon, May - October
Indoor winter markets: See farmers market website for dates

(Pre-orders are highly recommended to guarantee receiving your favorite coffees.)

To ensure we bring your favorite coffee, email or call Tom with pre-orders by noon on the Thursday before market, and pay when you pick it up.  Special orders welcome.


Double Dipped Ice Cream And Coffee Shoppe  
201 N. Hwy 69, Suite 204 D
Huxley, IA 50046
(515) 597-3944

Timber Ridge Cattle Health Food  
117 West Washington
Osceola, IA 50213

Pine Creek, Ltd
110 N. 1st Ave
Winterset, IA 50237
(515) 468-4736

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Contact us:
Tom Sibbernsen, Owner
Runnells, IA
phone: 515.238.6166